Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Transliteration Engine

I've been working on a program to automatically convert text stored in an Ó.S. font compatible format to the standard romanization scheme. I'm pleased with my initial success, but there's work to be done. Here is what the program does so far:

-prompts the user for a text file to convert,
-executes a search-and-replace loop to change capitalized letters either to accented characters or the appropriate digraphs (as well as changing & to kwe),
-displays the results, and finally
-prompts the user for a file name to save the results to a new location.

Some things to work on:

-Sentence level capitalization,
-converting the (base five, if you'll recall) numerals to text or to base ten.

Here is a sample of its work.

Ó.S. text in its native alphabet:
The result of a raw font-change transliteration:
SImam hUn EU sut PlebsIgE & ad PoroDar.

And finally, the output of the program:

Transliteration: shímam hún éú sut phlebsígé kwe ad phorodhar.