Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Digest of Samples

Just for the sake of having some further examples present on this site, I will upload some samples of various stages of Órgom Silawa, along with some descriptions.

1. The oldest stage:
This is the first Órgom Silawa font, and therefore the first digital example of the language. It was hand drawn (obviously) and a bit irregular. The text pictured is brief story that I composed from the first 30 or so words of my vocabulary.

2. Second stage:
This font, also hand drawn, was bolder, easier to read, and had serifs. My rationale behind changing the appearance of writing so drastically was to reflect the natural progression that a writing system would take in the real world. This stage represents the transition between simply scratching letters into something like wood or bone and carving them more carefully. The text here is a sample sentence which I read aloud, a recording of which was to be found at my old website.

3. Development of the cursive script.
This was developed in an effort to make the handwritten forms both quicker to execute and more artistic. Also, since cursive forms are common to natural alphabets, it seemed important that Órgom Silawa also have one. The text here is a poem about brewing wine and mead.

4. Third font stage:
This is the first of the computer created fonts. This particular one was only used very briefly due to being hideously ugly, and so this text, the snú recipe, is one of the few examples that exist.

5. The most recent stage:
This is newest incarnation of the Órgom Silawa alphabet. The text is the logo of the Órgomphald Silawa, my name for the regulating body of the language

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